Couples Therapy

Perhaps you struggle to communicate effectively with your partner. It may feel like you’re arguing more than you used to. Maybe you just want to develop your relationship and feel closer to one another. If you want to improve or rebuild your relationship then couples counselling can really help.

There is a common myth that relationships should be easy, so it’s understandable that we can feel sad, confused and sometimes shameful when there are struggles in our relationship.

The truth is that all relationships take work and it is possible to work through our difficulties and differences with awareness. When two individuals enter a relationship, they carry with them unconscious scripts from their past which can affect their present way of relating. Couples can trigger each other unintentionally and thus conflict may arise.

As your couples therapist my role is to remain neutral, non-judgemental whilst helping you and your partner to connect. I will help you find healthier ways to interact, listen and communicate with each other. 

Who is couples therapy for?

I work with couples of any age and sexual orientation. You may be at the beginning of your relationship. You may be struggling with the impacts of a new life stage or perhaps trying to navigate the pain after an affair.

Together we will explore why there may be disconnection, what you need and how to get the relationship that you both really want.

If you are both committed to working on your relationship and want to find a new way to make lasting changes then get in touch, and I’ll be pleased to work with you.

What to expect

We will meet for a first session to discuss how I can help you both. Following that I usually recommend an individual session each to get a wider understanding of each person’s needs. We would then come back together and continue for five more 75 minute sessions. I ask that you both commit to this block of eight weekly sessions. This is often enough time to see significant change, though some couples may decide they need to work longer term.


Introductory 60 minute session  £70

Individual 60 minute sessions  £50

Continuing 75 minute sessions £85

"Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness"